Extra dissemination event at Aalto University, October 2022

Presentation of the Joint Programme alumni survey – Rui Mendes, IST Lisbon

The REDEEM2 On-line Tool – Presentation of the internet interface to search data from the surveys done of alumni

Presentation by Mika P. Nieminen, EIT Digital Master School HCID programme Lead, Aalto University – Forms of Industry-Academia Collaboration in International Programmes

Presentation by Mikko Sälelä, Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland (TEK) – Careers for international graduates

Presentation by Rajon Bhuiyan, Director of Outreach and Capacity Building Unit, the Erasmus Mundus Association – Shaping the next generation of Joint Programmes in Science and Technology

Testimonial by Joint Programme alumnus Dawin Schmidt


Video Testimonials with program developers and alumni

Video Testimonials