04. Pilot Joint Programmes

The trained academics have started building the pilots as brand new JPs or by reforming existing ones according to the framework provision and its components including the full participation of at least one company built under IO3.

As joint projects become more mainstream, the effort necessary to design and implement attractive joint projects on a large scale comes into focus. We are investigating innovative approaches to improve the efficiency of developing new joint projects among multiple partners. One particular direction is to look into designing project “components” at individual institutions that can be combined with compatible components at multiple potential partner institutions. The goal is to build a “family” of joint projects with less development overhead than traditional approaches require. This “modular” approach promises a more efficient way of building joint projects compared to regarding each partnership in isolation and developing a matching program from scratch. Moreover, by having project components that meet a certain standard, quality aspects can be improved.

Due to time constraints and because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the actual piloting of the new and reformed JPs will start in fall 2021.