01. State of the Art and Repository of Best Practices

Internal and external analysis on good practice and bad experiences in JPs with the direct participation of the employers leading to a report on the current state of the art, lessons learned and a repository of best practices worldwide. The structure and contents of the IO and related activities have been discussed in the kick-off meeting in September 2018 and the first draft of the report will be made available in Spring 2019. 

An institutional survey on the state of the art and current trends in JPs has been  carried out among universities worldwide. The preliminary results are now available and have been presented at the 2019 EAIE Conference in Helsinki. The final results will be presented at the 2021 final conference and at the September 2021 EAIE Conference in Gothenburg.

An online tool presenting the results of both the institutional and alumni survey is being finalized and will be made available on this website in spring 2021. the tool will allow the users to filter and aggregate the results of the surveys according to their needs.

The identified best practice and related actors (academics and alumni) have been contacted in order to collect a number of testimonials for promotional purposes.