Shaping the next generation of Joint Programmes in Science and Technology

One of the main objectives of REDEEM2 is to create a framework for the development of innovative and efficient Joint Programmes (JPs) in the field of STEM with active participation of employers to the whole process from curriculum development, to the definition of the learning outcomes, delivery of teaching, hosting of internships, definition of thesis topics and recruitment mechanisms. This, together with the surveys and identification of best practices that represent the other main outputs of the project, will result directly into a support to the internationalization process of the European Technical universities and therefore to support effective and efficient higher education systems in the countries involved.

The direct involvement of companies and employers in general in designing the new programmes and defining the related learning outcomes combined with the embedded mobility leading to the development of multicultural soft skills will generate educational programmes that will provide the graduates with skills and competencies today not available on the market and that will match by definition the expectations and needs of the employers.