Redeem 2 – Kick off Meeting

A kick-off meeting took place at Tallinn Technical University on September 17-18 2018. The main focus of the meeting was to get familiar with the partners’ policies and best practices in Joint Programmes and develop the questionnaire on the institutional approach to Joint Programmes to be sent out to all the partner universities of the consortium in December.  The first results will be made public by the end of February. A second meeting has been scheduled for January 2018 with the main focus on the development of the quantitative survey on the expectations and perceptions of the joint programme graduates.

Second Project meeting

A second project meeting has been held in Lisbon in January 2019. The main focus was on completing the institutional survey and preparing the questionnaire for the alumni survey to be carried out between April and June 2019. The focus groups and the training/networking events were also discussed.

Third project meeting

The third project meeting took place at Aalto in June 2019. The results of the institutional survey were analyzed and the next actions were planned, in particular the networking event to be held in Darmstadt in December 2019.

Networking event

The event took place in Darmstadt on December 1-3 and brought together 26 experts from the partner universities to discuss the creation of new joint programmes according tot he project recommendations. Specific guidelines were developed in this sense.

Fourth Project Meeting

The fourth project meeting took place at UPC Barcelona in January 2020. The preliminary results of the alumni survey and control group survey were analyzed, the mid-term open event was organized and the script for the interviews was developed